00zZ is a reference to Zulu Time, or UTC/GMT. A weather model runs at predicable intervals, and each run is designated by two numbers and then a Z. For example, the 18z run of the GFS means that it is the GFS run that happened at 18:00 UTC/GMT.
ConeThe NHC’s cone is answering a very specific question: Where does the eye/center of the storm have a 2/3 probability of being at any given time? This means the eye can (and often does) travel outside the cone, and dangerous weather conditions WILL happen outside the cone as well since Hurricanes are regional weather events and are not pinpoint-location events.
ECMWFEuropeon Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting
EUROThe ECMWF’s main forecasting model. This model has a proven track record of being the most accurate model among hurricane forecasting models. Its publicly available runs occur at 2am and 2pm every day.
GFSThe Global Forecasting System is an older weather model that runs every 6 hours. It is NOAA’s mainstay model for hurricane tracking. While not as accurate as the EURO, it has a reasonably good track record
NHCNational Hurricane Center
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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