Welcome to Tropics Watch

An introduction about what you can expect from this website

Hello and welcome to Tropics Watch! As the site’s tagline says, this is a website dedicated to “Maps, Figures, and Opinions on Atlantic Hurricanes” from the perspective of a Northeast Florida resident who’s seen a hurricane or ten. I should clarify upfront that I am not a professional meteorologist nor have I studied to be one in a formal capacity, but I am fascinated by tropical weather and the awesome (and terrible) power of tropical cyclones.

This site will include reflections on all sorts of severe weather-related topics including

  • Storm prep
  • Supplies, relief, and logistics for affected areas
  • Some hurricane mythbusting
  • The economic impacts of these sorts of storms
  • Track and Forecast updates
  • Output and discussion of forecasting models
  • The worldview implications of hurricanes
  • …and many others!

Since I live in Northeast Florida, I will also include forecasts and information that specifically pertains to the area where I live. Any content of this nature will be crossposted to the Northeast Florida Hurricane Updates Facebook page. Not everything on Tropics Watch will be sent to that Facebook group; only things that specifically pertain to Northeast Florida.

So thanks for stopping by! I hope that you will find the content of this site to be useful or at least interesting.